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Here are the projects that we are particularly proud of

JalaNusantara Journey

Bali Lost Adventure

DSW Jewellery Bali

Destania Pustaka Kalimasada

Citra Putra Selaras


Inkamaya Studio version 1

Wise Steps Travel


About Us

Hello! We're Inkamaya Studio - a Bali based digital agency making the web a better place by crafting beautiful and well made responsive sites. Get in Touch!

We design websites that tell a story and will tie this story in with ensuring that the user journey runs smoothly through the site. Whilst, our business is built on relationships - it sounds cliche, but it’s true. We believe that repeat business and growth stem from great work that keep our clients coming back - NOT on sales and spin, but true partnership with measurable results. This is why many of our clients are happy working with us.