Behind the Scene

You’ll work with a smart, focused, multi-disciplinary team that treats your business goals as their own

Inkamaya (/ˈiNGkə’mäyə/) Studio was founded in March 2017 with a deep conviction that mixing creativity, technology, and empathy can change behaviour and improve the way we live, work, and play. This combination is infused into our approach helping us empower brands large and small to better understand and communicate with – not at – their audiences.

We create websites and graphic designs that are as user-friendly as they are beautiful. We blend the best of both form and function — design and technology — to craft the best solutions in the market. We’ll work with you through concept to design, ensuring that your site will reflect your core brand message and personality

We create websites as if they’re freshly baked “cookies”. We’ll help you with function, usability, design and testing. And since web technology is growing fast, everything’ll be fully responsive and developed using the latest techniques. Responsive development is a standard for all our websites, delivering pixel-perfect digital developments for our clients.

By skillfully juggling design, art and the digital world we create meaningful stories for diverse national and international clients and their audiences. Together with our clients, we identify new opportunities and solve big problems. We shine in situations where simple, graceful web and mobile experiences can make a big difference in the way our clients do business.

We like to be challenged and are driven by unfamiliar opportunities and uncharted territory. Maybe if we didn’t have one of the most progressive creative and technical teams around, or if our process didn’t respond with confidence to the unexpected – maybe then we’d play it safe. But safe is boring, so we’re perfectly happy to embrace the new and design tomorrow, today.

We believe that — done right — technology should simplify. It should make life easier for our clients and their customers.

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