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Hello! We're Inkamaya Studio - a Bali based digital agency making the web a better place by crafting beautiful and well made responsive sites.

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What We Do

We create websites and graphic designs that are as user-friendly as they are beautiful. We blend the best of both form and function — design and technology — to craft the best solutions in the market.

Web Design

We design websites that tell a story. We’ll work with you through concept to design, ensuring that your site will reflect your core brand message and personality. We’ll tie this story in with ensuring that the user journey runs smoothly through the site.

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Graphic Design

Illustrations add depth and texture to your story and website. They can enrich your identity, draw out your personality as well as a wide range of emotions. We’ll create unique and visually compelling illustrations, custom made and hand drawn solely for your brand and website.

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Together with our clients, we identify new opportunities and solve big problems. We listen, collaborate, and lead. We shine in situations where simple, graceful web and mobile experiences can make a big difference in the way our clients do business. We believe that exceptional results come from strategy, process, creative critical thinking and the discipline to do it right.

Our Vision

We believe there are three key ingredients that underline success.

Know your brand values. Make sure others know them.
Find authentic, relatable new ways to embody those values.

Become a part of conversations that reflect those values.
Partner, don't push - listen and interact with empathy.

Don’t build shelves, infuse the spirit of the brand every step of the way.
Plan for increased range and reach.

  1. Be Clear
  2. Be Present
  3. Sell Well


Why Choose Us

Partnership above all else
Our business is built on relationships - it sounds cliche, but it’s true. We believe that repeat business and growth stem from great work that keep our clients coming back - NOT on sales and spin, but true partnership with measurable results. This is why many of our clients are happy working with us.
Powered by innovation
We code well above our weight class - our technology capacity is advanced for a company our size. From enterprise ecommerce to website development and beyond, we have a wealth of experience helping global partners define, design, and deploy sophisticated platforms and start-ups build out product and intellectual property.
Authenticity and empathy
We do not believe in advertising - we believe in moments, not messages. Inkamaya Studio is a strategically-led agency that places a core focus on nurturing authentic connections between our partner brands and their audiences. Big media budgets are always nice to have, but if the core platform isn’t able to foster healthy success metrics on its own… well, that’s a problem.

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